Focused on making people and companies authentically unique and successful, we’re driven to deliver so that you boldly reflect you, your unique purpose, your passion, your vision and we don’t stop until we get it right.

We have built our work based on EQ. We are experts in courage, purpose and connection. We create spaces where sharing, learning, and transformation happen. Whether it’s working with professionals in mid-career transitions, or with companies wanting to engage and develop employees, or companies wanting to increase sales,  we get individuals and groups to what’s really important and motivate courageous integrity in being and action.

Robin J.A. Mills, Founder

One-On-One Personal Coaching & Organizational Development Programs

Robin is a connection and process specialist. She specializes in developing and leading human-centred processes that create courageous, integrous, whole-hearted results.

In her one-on-one individual coaching, Robin’s speciality is connecting individuals to their core– strengths, wants, intuition in a way that builds courage. Courage to love, have compassion for pain and failure, and boldly take action. Robin deeply believes in empowering uniqueness so that people aren’t living in fear but feel alive and hopeful, and powerfully lead, create, and grow in their careers and lives.

Within corporations, Robin implements effective human-centred processes that move from problem definition to innovative solutions. Robin has completed dozens of projects where her systems thinking has enabled unconventional processes that lead to capacity and culture building, engaged employees, and relationship and partnership building.

Robin’s is as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and also trained in the Co-Active model of coaching. Positive Psychology provides Robin with frameworks and activities that are science-based to help her clients thrive. Robin is also a Registered Professional Planner, with much experience applying deep democracy, appreciative inquiry, and conflict resolution techniques in her group facilitation.  

Christina McFadden, Organizational Leadership Collaborator

Organizational Development Programs

Christina McFadden, CPCC coaches with leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals around the world. Her focus is working with leaders to in stepping into their own power.  Prior to coaching full time, she was in leadership roles where she coached and mentored businesses, teams, and individuals on developing systems that support rapid growth.

She is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Management with a focus in Organizational Behavior. She holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. She is a 2014-2015 Stanford H4A Fellow and is CQC Lean Healthcare Certified from UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. She is also trained as an improvisational actor

Darcy Shenfield, Organizational Authenticity Collaborator

Organizational Development Programs

Darcy G. Shenfield is a Corporate Trainer and Head Leadership Coach who helps organizations operate at their best, aligning personal and professional goals for a clear vision toward success. A facilitator of visionary leadership; his desire is to fix the broken system of leadership and inauthenticity in the workplace. After 15 years of coaching and 2 years of a Ph.D. focused on self-actualization and bringing forward the whole employee at work, he’s expanded that methodology to larger groups for transforming the trajectory of entire organizations.

With an MBA in General Management and an Honors Diploma in Computers Systems Technology, Darcy brings strategic, left brain analytical thinking and corporate experience into his whole-hearted coaching methods. He unites organizations and hardwires companies for trust and loyalty – getting entire teams on task and generating their ultimate output. Darcy believes authenticity is the key to game-changing and long-lasting organizational leadership, and that the success of a business or organization depends on the strength of its people.

Eduardo A. Braniff, Organizational Culture Collaborator

Organizational Development Programs

Eduardo A. Braniff is an outcome coach trained in the Co-Active model of coaching focused on helping individuals and companies define their purpose and guiding values.

Eduardo came to coaching with over 15-years experience in creating brands and brand experiences for corporate and cultural enterprises. As CEO and Creative Director of Imagination, he stewarded brands such as Ford, Claire’s, SAP, Patrón and Coca-Cola. More recently, as Partner of IDEAB, he’s focused on coaching leaders of creative enterprises in creating more compelling company cultures and leading more engaged teams.